Valhalla Military: Technical Advising for Film, Television, and Print Media. Image: Helicopter. Photo Credit: Victoria Dadi

Valhalla Military

Technical Advising for Film, Television, and Print Media


Paul Sinor and Valhalla Consulting represents a consortium of Military Technical Support from all branches and all eras of the US Military. We cover your film, television and print media needs from development to final edit.

From concept forward, if your project has a military theme or substantial military presence, you will need assistance. Just as you canít take people from a non-entertainment background and immerse them into that world, you canít take someone from the entertainment industry and expect them to be instant experts in the highly technical and often confusing world of the military.

Thatís where we come in.

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Retired after over thirty years in the US Army as a Lieutenant Colonel, Paul Sinor is unique in this field. He was selected by the Department of Defense to be the Technical Advisor for the television series TOUR OF DUTY. He remains the only person ever actually assigned to a television series by the Department of Defense.

In 2004 he was recalled to active duty from retirement and was assigned to be the Army's Entertainment Liaision to the Television and Film Industry in Los Angeles by the Department of the Army.

In that capacity he assisted films supported by the Department of Defense from concept through editing and worked on all facets of production such as script re-writes, wardrobe and equipment selection and training actors on weapons handling, tactics and military duties.

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