Valhalla Military: Technical Advising for Film, Television, and Print Media. Image: Helicopter. Photo Credit: Victoria Dadi

Valhalla Military

Technical Advising for Film, Television, and Print Media

Victoria Dadi

Just as your production needs a strong behind-the-scenes presence, Paul needs one too.

Victoria Dadi has a very diverse professional background and an even more diverse personal background which combine to make her the perfect assistant to both Paul and your production team. Growing up as an Army brat as well as spending untold weekends at military and gun shows has given her many years of exposure to the often confusing world of all things military. Victoria can be relied upon to translate all of the confusing military lingo into plain English so you can have a better understanding of what is needed to ensure your project meets with military standards and protocol and why it is needed.

She has been side by side with Paul on many of his productions so she understands both the military side of movie-making as well as the Hollywood side. It is her job to make sure that the two meet in the middle and that you and your production team understand the process.

Victoria is also a screenwriter, a published author and an award-winning photographer. If the weather's nice and she doesn't answer the phone it's probably because she's gone skydiving.

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